A plate of Jamie's turmeric chicken on a bed of rice and grilled pepper. One of his top healthy dinner ideas

We firmly believe that to create a happier, healthier world through the joy of food, we have to make smart (and delicious!) choices everyday. That’s why we’ve put together this selection of healthy dinner ideas, so you can get inspired and get cooking.

We’re really excited by these recipes; they are packed full of flavour and are a celebration of whole and nutritious foods. So whether you’re looking for a super-quick healthy meal like our rainbow open wrap; deliciously creamy cauliflower cheese pasta; or our fantastically simple prawn curry, take a look through the below for some brilliant new ideas.

Spiced salmon, crunchy cucumber, shallots and chilli pickle, plus a herby yoghurt, all wrapped in a corn tortilla – there’s lots going on with these speedy tacos. Perfect for sharing!

When you’re short of time it can sometimes feel like an effort to cook up healthy meals with loads of the good stuff. This carbonara is not only ready in 20 minutes, it features nutritious peas, almonds, yoghurt and wholewheat spaghetti, and still manages to feel special.

Turmeric is an exciting and seriously good-for-you spice – it’s high in iron and contains manganese to keep our bones strong and healthy. Served with seasonal greens, wholewheat couscous, hazelnuts and (store-cupboard favourite) jarred red peppers. This is a real winner.

We absolutely love this one. It contains four of your five-a-day, it’s vibrant, crunchy, cheesy and fresh. Perfect for those of you seeking out more healthy dinner ideas.

Prawns are packed with vitamin B12, which helps to keep metabolic function in your body ticking along, so that your cells can use the energy from the food you eat. This recipe is also super straightforward and quick to put together. Add a handful of toasted cashews or seeds for bonus texture, or some blanched seasonal veg for extra interest.

Cauli cheese doesn’t always have to be an indulgent dish; try Jamie’s delicious and nutritious cauliflower cheese pasta. Blitz up the cooked cauli, milk and cheese to make a silky sauce and serve with sourdough breadcrumbs – it’s creamy, garlicky, crunchy and ridiculously good!

A zingy, gluten-free, healthy dish that uses fresh and frozen veg, a quick sesame dressing and fragrant mint. Choose this one when you need a lovely boost of greens! 

A brilliant way to reduce your meat intake (better for your body and the planet) is to swap in beans and pulses where you would normally have meat. Here Jamie takes the much-loved Bolognese and ramps up the veg and lentils with delicious results.

This broth is both intensely satisfying and kind to your body. Miso – one of the mighty fermented foods – brings rich and savoury flavour; brown rice adds extra nutrients; the chicken breast is a great lean source of protein, and kale and mushrooms also join the party. This is so worth making.

For more joyful mealtime moments and lots more healthy inspiration, check out more of our delicious recipes.