honey drink with clementine fizz and ice

The weather in Texas is getting warm and all of our time is being spent outdoors in the garden these days.

With muddy hands and feet, we’re glad to be celebrating spring; but with all of that working and playing, a refreshing cool-down is frequently in order. Water always does the job, but sometimes we need a little something more. That’s when we break out the clementines, get juicing, and make our favourite Honey Clementine Fizz.

Clementines are in season here from late winter to spring, and are perfectly sweet and mellow. I prefer them to oranges for some odd reason and my daughter can go through a box in record-breaking time. It’s probably why she loves this drink so much. See, you’ll never find a can of soda or even a box of juice in our house. There’s enough sugar in one serving of flavoured soda to last you the entire day and with all of the energy my daughter has, I’d end up with crayon drawings on the ceiling if we gave her that much in one sitting. But, that doesn’t mean she can’t have a naturally sweet drink from time to time.


Making homemade sodas, or “fizzes” as we like to call them, is really easy. All it takes is a little freshly squeezed juice, a touch of honey (if needed), and a splash of club soda (also known as sparkling, soda, seltzer or fizzy water). Mia, the resident 5-year-old, likes to make it all by herself, then carries it off to her fort to drink it in style. Meanwhile, a little splash of good vodka like Grey Goose stirred in for the adults makes a mighty fine cocktail as well.

Refreshingly bright and sweet, a Honey clementine fizz is the perfect drink to quench your thirst on a warm afternoon. Cheers!

Honey clementine fizz recipe

Makes 1


  • 2 to 3 clementines, equal to ½ cup (240ml) of juice
  • 1 teaspoon pure honey
  • Club soda (fizzy water)

Slice the clementines in half and, using a juicer or just by squeezing with your hands, squeeze the juice out of the clementines. Add the honey to a glass, then pour in the juice and stir until the honey has dissolved. Fill the glass with ice and top up with the club soda. Stir and, if you like, serve with a wedge.

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