Jamie Oliver roast chicken

We reveal Jamie’s go-to method for this Sunday lunch classic, then add a few delicious ideas for adding new flavours with herbs, spices, veg and sauces.

The ultimate Jamie Oliver roast chicken recipe gives you juicy meat and crispy golden skin every time. It’s packed with fresh herby flavour, and the garlicky onion roasting base turns into an incredible gravy.

Jamie explains: “Basically, what I do is carefully part the skin from the meat on the top of the chicken breast and stuff the gap with fresh, delicate herbs such as parsley, basil and marjoram, then I tie it up and roast it with some olive oil and salt.”



You might think you can’t improve on the classic, but we have a few extra ideas to take your roast chicken to a whole new level:

Cooking a whole chicken in a pastry crust will give you the most incredible flavour and beautifully tender results. It also looks brilliantly bonkers, so it makes the most fantastic centrepiece for a meal to impress your friends and family. Simply crack off and discard the crust, revealing that super-juicy bird hidden inside. Heaven.

This is a really fun and effective way to cook chicken. Jamie explains two methods – one for the barbecue, and one for the oven – and both will give you so-tasty chicken. The steam from the beer cooks the inside of the bird, so the meat ends up lovely and juicy.

With just 10 minutes of prep, this five-ingredient recipe is all about the clever combo of roasted cauliflower, fresh coriander and a nifty addition of tikka curry paste. It takes no time to assemble and turns into something amazing in the oven.


It might sound unusual, but Jamie’s method of cooking a whole chicken in milk will blow you away. OK, so it’s not a traditional roast recipe, but this centrepiece is a fun twist for Sunday lunch. The milk creates lovely curds and a delicious sauce, all with wonderful flavour from garlic, sage, lemon and a hint of cinnamon. As Jamie says, it’s not like anything you’ve had before, but give it a chance and you’ll love it!

This is a wonderful way of using leftover chicken – but it’s also fully worth cooking a whole chicken to perfection specifically to make this beautiful salad. The torn bread soaks up all the juices from the bacon to create a joyful mix of texture and flavour.

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