an array of seafood cooked in butter and lemon

Jamie’s show, Jamie’s Super Food, he unearths the dietary secrets behind some of the healthiest nations on the planet.

South Korea has staggeringly low obesity rates – just 6%, compared to 25% of obese Brits. With seafood being a major part of the South Korean diet, Jamie paid a visit to the famous Haenyeo ‘diving ladies’ of Jeju island, who free-dive impressive depths to catch their seafood bounty by hand.


There are so many fantastic flavours to discover under the sea, from squid and shrimp to large flat fish, or smaller flavour-packed anchovies. ‘Seafood’ simply refers to any edible animal that lives in the sea (which includes fish and shellfish), so that covers everything from squid to shrimp, oysters to mackerel and octopus or clams.


Yes! In general, seafood is a great, lean source of protein, which we need to build muscle and bones. Many fish, such as salmon and mackerel, are a source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which keep our blood cholesterol levels healthy, protecting us from heart disease.

Salmon is super-high in vitamin D, while many white fish, such as haddock, are high in selenium (great for hair and nails) and iodine, which is good for producing metabolic hormones. Many shellfish are a source of micronutrients including zinc (good for skin and hair), copper (helps cell reproduction), chloride (a digestion aid) and iron (for healthy red blood cells).



Before you hit the shops, it’s good to know about Jamie’s two golden rules when it comes to buying seafood. The first, is to make sure you get to know your fishmonger. A good fishmonger will be able to advise you on what’s in season, what’s local what’s farmed and what’s sustainable – they’ll make your seafood shopping a whole lot easier. The second rule is that, generally speaking, fish is best eaten on the day you buy it (unless you’re curing it). This does require a bit of planning, but trust us, it’s so worth it to enjoy your seafood at its very best.


If you’re cooking with shellfish such as mussels, clams or oysters, you should only cook the ones that are tightly shut. Give any open ones a tap, and if they don’t close, chuck those ones away – opened shells usually mean they are old, or dead, and not safe to eat. Similarly, once cooked, any shells that remain closed should also be discarded. Here’s how to shuck an oyster.

With a little know-how, it’s pretty easy to prep fresh shell-on prawns – check out Pete from Jamie’s food team showing how to butterfly them ready to cook.

He’s also got prepping lobster and crab covered for you.

When it comes to filleting fish, there are different techniques for round-bodied or flat fish. Follow Jamie’s method for prepping large fish such as salmon or trout, and he can help you with round fish like sea bass, and sardines, too.

And here are 15 of our favourite seafood recipes to try at home:

Mussels are a super-nutritious member of the shellfish family, packed with micronutrients including iodine and selenium, two important minerals for healthy metabolic function.


Juicy and meaty, monkfish is super-simple to prepare. Abi Fawcett serves it with spinach and feta for a Mediterranean twist that really packs a punch.


Sliced fennel and fresh orange segments are perfect partners for soft, nutty crab meat. Pull it all together in this beautiful crab salad.


More tender and meaty than squid, cuttlefish makes a fantastic risotto. It is often overlooked in the UK (and thrown back to the sea or exported), so let’s give it some love – in Italy cuttlefish is prized as a real delicacy.


Steaming is a great way to cook and enjoy this delicious fish, especially when combined with these Asian flavours.


Speedy and oh-so impressive, serve langoustines with a lemon & pepper butter and impress your guests with next to no effort.


Crispy fried salt & pepper squid is a summery flavour bomb, and always a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.


Cook budget-friendly mussels in a tomato sauce and serve with linguine for a simple and super-tasty dinner.


Keep it sweet and simple with fresh, plump oysters and a slice of lemon.


So simple and so delicious – take mackerel to the next level with Jamie’s creamy smoked pâté.


Serve clams with spaghetti, garlic and parsley in this Venetian favourite (and ours too), spaghetti vongole.


The natural sweetness of scallops is a real joy, and grilling gives them delicious smokiness, too. Try Jamie’s recipe for barbecued scallops, served with pancetta on a bed of lentils.


Little nutty cockles are absolute stunners in this green and salty risotto from seafood expert, Nathan Outlaw.


Roast your razor clams with a sprig of rosemary and a fresh chilli – delicious!


A rustic Spanish sauce of garlic breadcrumbs, blitzed with roast tomatoes, is an all-time winner with octopus in Nathan Outlaw’s epic recipe.

For more inspiration, head to Jamie’s Family Food hub.