Image of a turkey crown on a place. How to debone a turkey leg feature

If you’re planning on giving Jamie’s easy turkey – 2 ways recipe a try this Christmas, check out our handy step-by-step guide on how to remove and debone your turkey legs. Not only does it make the most of your festive bird, but it’s a great technique to learn as you can do the same with chicken legs all year round.


a very sharp knife
chopping board
clean tea towel
a tray for your prepped turkey

  1. Place your turkey on a board, with a damp tea towel or dish cloth underneath to stop it moving around.
  2. Turn the turkey over and, using your forefingers, find where the thigh meets the back of the bird. Using long and confident strokes, run the length of your knife along this line, separating the thigh from the back at the hip joint.
  3. Break the hip joint out, then repeat the process of following the join between the thigh and the breast (as you did on the back), initially with your fingers and then with your knife. You should now be able to easily remove the leg.
  4. When the legs are removed from the main carcass, you can then debone them. Find the thigh bone by running your fingers along the leg. Use short movements of your blade to cut along the bone, separating it from the meat.
  5. Repeat this process for the lower leg bone.
  6. Use the knife to scrape the meat off the bone.
  7. Locate the tendons in the lower part of the turkey leg. Lift the tendons and remove with your knife.
  8. Cut any thicker parts of the leg and stretch out to create even thickness.

Find the full recipe for Jamie’s easy turkey – two ways here. Stuffed with a beautiful Apricot & sausage stuffing, you’re in for a real treat.

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