chocolate eggs being decorates with white drizzle and crunchy nut

Easter wouldn’t be easter without a chocolate egg, but why not break with tradition and make your own this year?

Forget forking out for a mass-produced branded egg, all you need is some quality chocolate and a mould, which you can pick up online or at some larger supermarkets. Use the best quality chocolate you can afford (at least 80% cocoa solids) to really make all the difference. The amount you’ll need will depend on the size of your mould, which should come with instructions to guide you.


  1. Break your chocolate into rough chunks, then finely chop into small pieces – the finer the better!
  2. Half-fill a small pan with water and bring to a gentle simmer over a low heat. Rest a heatproof bowl on top, add the chopped chocolate to the bowl, then allow to melt, stirring occasionally.
  3. Using oven gloves, remove the bowl from the heat and leave to cool to 35ºC. Check the temperature with a cooking thermometer.
  4. Spoon the chocolate into your mould, one tablespoon at a time, tilting the mould so the chocolate covers the surface. Don’t worry if you make a mess! Tip any excess chocolate back into the bowl.
  5. Allow the chocolate to cool slightly, then, using a butter knife, scrape around the rim of the mould to get a clean edge.
  6. Lay out some greaseproof paper and place the mould flat-side-down on top for 15 minutes, or until the chocolate has completely set.
  7. Meanwhile, repeat steps 4 to 6 with the second mould.
  8. Once the chocolate has set, repeat the process a few times until you’ve built up a layer of chocolate around ½cm thick.
  9. Put both moulds in the fridge for a further 10 minutes to allow the chocolate to set completely.
  10. To remove your eggs from their moulds, squeeze the casing gently, working your way around the edge (the warmth from your hands will  help).
  11. Brush the remaining melted chocolate around the rim of each of the chocolate egg halves, then gently press them together so they stick in place. Leave for a few minutes until the chocolate sets, then it’s ready!

A homemade treat like this is a super-cute present for friends and family. If you’re feeling creative, why not jazz it up with icing, ribbon or more melted chocolate?

If chocolate eggs aren’t your thing, then embrace regular eggs instead! As well as being packed with protein, they can be just as fun. Paint them with the kids or team them up with asparagus for delicious soldiers with a twist.


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