ministry of food rev day

More Food Revolution Day news – this time from our friends at Jamie’s Ministry of Food in Bradford. Andy writes:

We had a really good day for FRD2013 in Bradford. We set up some Marquees opposite the food centre and had some local partners who exhibited with us. Cafe West had a stand discussing the Eat Well plate and the importance of a balanced meal and The Hale project were talking about diabetes prevention. The local EHO were there to discuss the importance of food hygiene and having a clean kitchen and Foster College had a stand advertising their teaching college and training restaurant that is in the town centre.

Jamie’s Ministry of Food Bradford decided to challenge the Fast Food mentality that seems prevalent in Bradford. We made over 100 Burger Sliders, using Jamie’s Cracking Burger recipe and handed them out to members of the public. We used the burger to emphasise how easy it is to make a really amazing burger, that is cheaper, healthier and tastes better than ANYTHING that you could buy locally. We challenged anyone to bring us a burger of their choice and we would compare ours, confident that we knew that ours would be a better burger. I’m glad to say that nobody took us up on the challenge. We also spent time talking with a group of kids from Carlton Bolling College of the importance of a balanced diet and how too much junk food isn’t good for you. They all tried a burger and helped us outside the food centre telling others about the things they had learnt whilst attending the 8 week course.

We also made two huge portions of veg chilli and gave out samples for people to try. Between 12 and 1.00pm we had more than 100 people outside the food centre looking to try a sample of the great food that we had produced. All feed back was very favourable and we had to take care making sure that people didn’t sneak double portions. We also made available a special offer for people who were interested in signing up on a course. If they signed up on FRD2013 we gave them a MOF goody bag with a pen and a mug and we had more than 10 people sign up for forthcoming classes.

It was a really good day and we were really glad to be part of such an amazing global initiative.

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