jimmy from friday night feast

Have a go at making Jimmy Doherty’s projects from this season’s Friday Night Feast.

Each week, Jimmy uses his DIY skills to create imaginative weekend builds for us to cook on. Have a go at home yourself with these handy PDF guides.

Episode 1 – STEEL DRUM BBQ

Jimmy makes a classic steel drum BBQ – with a large cooking area for searing meat and grilling veg, plus a side stove to cook accompanying dishes.


This week Jimmy’s using wooden pallets to construct a super-easy (and adaptable) Japanese grill. Using power tools and some DIY skills, you can get this build made in a couple of hours.


Jimmy builds a tandoor oven, using easy-to-buy materials. A tandoor is a traditional oven found across Asia, which uses charcoal to cook. Use it to cook bread on the clay walls and use metal skewers to lower in meat and veg.


Jimmy builds a German-inspired schwenker, which uses adjustable grills over an open fire. This simple, impressive design allows you to cook sausages with an even heat by raising and lowering the grill over the fire.

Episode 5 – COLD PRESS

Jimmy makes a cold press juicing machine. Using the principle of gently crushing fruit, with a super-powerful car jack in a wooden press, wonderful juice concoctions can be easily squeezed out of this incredible build.


This week, Jimmy builds a chocolate fountain from scratch! It involves some plumbing, metal work and use of electronics, but once you’ve got it flowing, there will be no looking back!


Jimmy’s build this week is so clever! His ingenious self-fuelling fire keeps campers warm and cosy at night, and is the perfect low maintenance solution for slow-cooking food over an open fire.


Movie night anyone? Jimmy’s ambitious theatrical popcorn maker, has a gas heated popcorn kettle that has a hinge mechanism to pour the popcorn down a acrylic chute into a large hopper.


A novel solution to saving space in small back gardens, Jimmy makes an upright wooden planter which maximises growing space. With a rotating mechanism as the base, that means you can turn this planter so all four sides will get sunlight, even if your garden only gets a bit of sunlight a day.

Episode 10 – BARREL FIRE PIT

A simple, delicious and fun. Jimmy makes a barrel fire pit this week using an old barrel – a safe place to put a fire – and he also shows how to hold up the fish to grill around the fire in sand.

Episode 11 – INFIERNILLO

Inspired by an Argentinian way of cooking, Jimmy makes an ‘ infiernillo’, which means little Hell. And that’s exactly what this outdoor, portable oven creates – a multi-level tower of heat between fire pits, where anything can be cooked as if it were in an oven.

Episode 12 – KEBAB HOUSE

This week, Jimmy helps a group of young farmers to make their own versions of a Friday-night favourite. He builds a homemade barbecue kebab house with rotating doner shish kebabs. Delicious!