Joe Wicks and Jamie Oliver do a Q&A

Combining their food, health and exercise know-how, Jamie and Joe answer a lucky dip selection of questions from members of the public and a few of the gang at Jamie HQ. Enjoy!

If I only exercise twice a week, what’s the best move to do?

Joe: Short, intense bursts are good – all the high-intensity stuff that gets your heart rate up. Hill sprints, mountain climbers or burpees are all good.

If you’re feeling unwell, what do you eat?

Jamie: Get a whole chicken, put it in a big pot, cover it in water, add some whole carrots, potatoes and herbs. Boil it slowly for about an hour and a half and for the last ten minutes throw in some rice noodles. In each bowlful you’ll get a little bit of pulled, tender meat, gorgeous broth and noodles. Add a bit of mustard or horseradish sauce to finish, I love it.

Joe: That sounds lovely!

What’s your favourite super-human move?

Joe: I like doing pull-ups, I think it’s really cool just to be able to bang out 10 or 15 pull-ups on the rings in Santa Monica. Being able to do one good pull-up is really great!

Jamie: Often people talk about pull-ups being one of most humbling exercises there is. But I’ve heard it’s okay to stand on something and lower yourself down, right?

Joe: Definitely. That’s called an eccentric pull-up, it’s just as hard and it really develops your strength.

What’s your secret ingredient to jazz up a classic chilli?

Joe: Worcester sauce!

Jamie: I like a tiny pinch of cumin. Or, finely slice a bit of fresh chilli, put it in a bit of vinegar with a pinch of sea salt, then just let that lightly pickle. Throw it in at the end with a bit of yoghurt. Happy days.

How do you resist food temptation?

Joe: Well, a little bit of temptation is fine now and then. Just not every day!

Jamie: Exactly!

How can we help today’s kids get healthier?

Joe: I believe that exercise makes kids smarter, happier and more productive. We all know that we have massive problems with diabetes, obesity. I did this thing where I made a series of YouTube Live workouts, where every day for five days at 10am I went live. And we had kids all over the world, in the UK, Dubai, Scandinavia joining in, in schools. It had a massive impact and I realised I don’t need the government to tell me, or give me permission, to make these changes.

Jamie: And what’s amazing about schools is the concept that you don’t have to buy a new multi-gym to get the kids fitter. You can simply tune into Youtube Live.

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