utensilts for cooking - 5 gadgets everyone needs

Whether you're hosting a dinner party or making a speedy midweek meal, you’re going to need the right tools. So, we’ve compiled a list of some beautiful and healthy recipes incorporating our top five kitchen gadgets that every kitchen should have.

  1. Pestle & mortar

A two-piece pestle and mortar dates back to around 35,000 BC, and is still widely used to this day. This traditional grinding set is perfect for mixing fresh herbs, spices, nuts and seeds into fine powders and pastes. Crushing with a pestle slowly releases fresh flavours and oils, which is ideal when making delicious curry pastes and pestos.

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  1. Fine grater


A super-fine grater with tiny, razor-like edges that slice instead of tearing or shredding, conserving the aroma and adding more flavour. These graters are perfect for zesting citrus fruits, or finely grating things like cheese, garlic or ginger. Test out your grating skills with some of these…

  1. Speed Peeler

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You’ll never look back once you’ve speed-peeled your way through your veg prep with this nifty gadget. Apart from peeling vegetables quickly and easily, it’s great for shaving Parmesan into pasta dishes, and even chocolate into desserts, as in this delicious tiramisu:

  1. Mandolin


Investing in a mandolin will go a long way. It’s a very simple tool, but a versatile one. It not only slices vegetables quickly and uniformly, but also gives your dishes that polished and professional appearance that knives can’t offer. Just make sure you use the guard!

  1. Crinkle cutter

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This wavy-edged cutting tool is a fun way to prepare salads, potatoes and vegetables. Wow dinner guests with this attractive Vietnamese bun cha, featuring criss-cross cut vegetables:

What are the absolute must-have gadgets that your kitchen wouldn’t be complete without? Let us know in the comments!