bowl of langoustines seafood with bread on the side

Jamie and Jimmy are carrying on the fight against food waste in their new Friday Night Feast TV series, this time by embracing the incredible UK produce that usually gets binned, or just outright ignored.

Langoustines are one of them. These prawn-like creatures are actually part of the lobster family. Delicate and intense, they’re incredibly tasty, but have long been underrated by us Brits. Scotland is famous for its langoustines with one-third of the world’s supply coming from Scottish shores alone. But, rather than guzzle them ourselves, a massive 70% are exported to France, Spain and beyond.

Whether it’s the association with pub grub scampi or not, our langoustines deserve better. Celebrate them in one of these tasty dishes.

Eaten straight off the grill with a squeeze of lemon juice, this is arguably the best way to enjoy langoustines’ delicate flavour and delicious meatiness. Serve on a big platter and let everyone dig in.

Simply swap the prawns for langoustines for a new twist to this healthy, comforting stew. Make sure you buy whole langoustines (including the heads) and throw them in while it’s cooking for incredible added flavour.

Butterflying your langoustines and grilling them hard and fast is an epic way to serve them up. If it’s cold outside, ditch the barbecue for a griddle pan and it’ll work just as well, but be careful whichever cooking method you choose: watch them like a hawk and don’t over-cook! Grilled and served with this homemade garlicky dip, this is pure, simple indulgence.