Christmas baked camembert made with leftover cheese

One of the best things about Christmas is the loaded cheese board. Rich Cheddar, sharp blue, oozy Brie… The tangy world is your oyster. Whether it warrants its own table or emerges from the fridge after every dinner, it holds a special place in our Christmas food ritual.

There will be cheese lovers out there for which the word ‘leftovers’ just doesn’t compute. But for those of us who are left with a few odds and ends that you don’t know what to do with, these are the deliciously easy cheesy recipes you need to know – and they could also use up a couple of other Christmas ingredients at the same time. Winner!

The better the cheese, the better the dish when it comes to this winter warmer, so your Christmas Cheddar is the perfect fit here. Plus, this recipe has the added bonus of a crunchy herby topping. So good.


If you didn’t get round to eating that camembert, this festive baked version is just delicious. Studded with garlic and rosemary, then scooped up with fresh crusty bread and dunked in chopped cranberries and nuts, it’s a real Christmas treat.


The sweetness of the grapes is offset beautifully by the tanginess of the cheeses in this stunning dish – where the best of British really are the stars of the show. Just add bread and a lovely bottle of red.


Sometimes only a bowl of comforting risotto will do. And this recipe, which uses Gruyère, Taleggio and Parmesan, will knock your winter socks off. Line up those ingredients, shut the kitchen door and get your stir on.


Now for something a bit special. These pies are seasonal stunners, with the earthy flavour of the mushrooms complemented beautifully by the truffle-like taste of the Tunworth. Although any camembert-like cheese will do. Delish!


So easy to make, and using two different cheeses, this quiche is a welcome change to turkey leftovers in those days between Christmas and New Year. Simply enjoy with a green salad and festive pickles.


Festive cheer on a plate! This tree-shaped tear-and-share bread with oozy cheese ready for dipping is an easy recipe that’s perfect to get the kids involved in making. Plus, it never fails to look showstopping.

If that’s not satisfied your need for cheese, check out our Great British Cheese recipes.