Leftover lamb recipe - crispy lamb flatbreads

Roast lamb is a brilliantly versatile dish that can be used in all sorts of recipes, and often it tastes even better as leftovers the next day…

Looking for delicious ways to use up roast lamb leftovers from your Sunday dinner? Being such a beautiful (and more expensive) type of meat, you’ll of course want to make sure it’s all put to good use and that nothing is wasted. It can easily be spruced up to taste even more heavenly the next day, you just need to know what to do with the leftovers.

From melt-in-the-mouth curries to flavour-packed flatbreads and more, take a look at our genius leftover lamb recipes to spark a little inspiration when it comes to using up meat from your Sunday feast. Enjoy!

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There’s no way you can go wrong with a fully-loaded flatbread, and they’re the ideal way to put your lamb leftovers to good use. Topped with a crunchy homemade slaw, a creamy yoghurt dressing, chilli sauce and your gorgeous, succulent lamb, this is one outrageously good recipe that’s packed full of flavour.

This is the greatest shepherd’s pie recipe there is! If you can, save the juices at the time of roasting your lamb and use this with your leftover meat to create a succulent filling with a gorgeous, crispy potato topping. Serve with seasonal greens and your favourite condiments, and you’ve got yourself the perfect leftover lamb dinner. 

Adapt this recipe by finely chopping your leftover roast lamb and adding it to the pan at step three. Pour over the tinned tomatoes immediately, then continue with the recipe as written. Made with turmeric pastry and Moroccan spices, this recipe is just as brilliant when made using already-cooked lamb. 

Use leftover lamb to fill up these lovely lamb hotpots – a seriously good 5-ingredient dish. With the meat having been cooked already, these little hotpots won’t need quite as long in the oven, just enough time for the potatoes to crisp to perfection. This is a brilliant leftover recipe that’s big on flavour and great for an indulgent weekend dinner. 

Biryani is a big favourite, and what a wonderful recipe this is. It has the capacity to embrace leftovers – whether that’s meat or veg – and you can flex it to suit what you’ve got. From Jamie’s cookbook, Keep Cooking and Carry On, it’s designed to work wonders using whatever meat or veg you already have, so leftover lamb works a treat. 

Fry up your leftover lamb with fragrant herbs, spices and greens to create this Greek-inspired pie that’s bursting with flavour. It’s the perfect dish to put a twist on a classic lamb dinner to keep your meals varied and exciting, plus you can make it even easier by swapping in shop-bought pastry, rather than making it from scratch. 

Super easy, nutritious and delicious, leftovers don’t get much better than stirred into a curry like this. Add your leftover lamb once the sauce has started to thicken and reduce, then keep heating until the meat is properly cooked through, soaking up the flavour from those gorgeous store-cupboard spices. Want to bulk it out a little more? Feel free to add extra pulses or beans to make this leftover dinner go even further.


This sunshine recipe is a brilliant reason to bring out the BBQ for its first outing of the year, and great for using any uncooked lamb you have leftover.

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