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Crispy, golden fish fingers are brilliantly fun and easy to make – and great for cooking with kids. Dish up with tartar sauce and sweet potato wedges for a brilliant midweek meal, or make a batch and serve as party food with wedges of lemon to season.

The key to this recipe is getting a good, even crunch on the outside of your fish. We’re using a classic egg, flour and breadcrumb technique. If you’re not careful it can be a bit messy, so follow our six clever tips for great results (and minimal washing up)!


  1. Before you start, lay out your plates in an assembly line: flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs.
  2. Allocate a ‘dry hand’ and a ‘wet hand’. By keeping one hand for handling flour and breadcrumbs, and the other for handling the egg wash you keep the mixes separate, which means less chance of giving your fingers a breadcrumb coating instead of the food!More: What to do with stale breadFish fingers recipe - step-by-step
  3. Pick up the fish in your dry hand and place it in the flour. Cover the fillet fully.
  4. Then use the same (dry) hand to lift it out of the flour and gently drop into the egg wash, without letting your fingers touch the egg.More: Fish finger butty
  5. Now, use your wet hand to make sure the fish is fully covered with egg, moving it around in the dish. Still using your wet hand, lift the fish from the egg and drop gently into the breadcrumbs – without letting the wet hand touch the crumbs.
  6. Finally, use your dry hand again, to coat the floured and egged fish with breadcrumbs. Repeat this process for an extra crunchy double coating!


Homemade fish fingers recipe


For extra tips for the perfect fish fingers, watch Jools in action:

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