Jamie in the kitchen making Get-ahead gravy

For Jamie, gravy can make or break a roast dinner, and the one time you really don’t want it to go wrong is on the big day. And his Get-ahead gravy recipe guarantees your Christmas Day dinner is an epic winner.

Now you’re on board the gravy train, here are some tips and tricks to ensure you make the most of it.


When you make your gravy, you might not have all of the ingredients to hand. Don’t worry, you can easily use these swaps:

  • Onion chutney instead of cranberry sauce 
  • Sweet wine, red wine (whatever you’ve got) instead of sherry/port
  • Leeks instead of onions 
  • You can use carrots and celery or double of one 
  • Star anise instead of nutmeg, or leave it out completely
  • If you have a chicken carcass in the fridge, you can use this instead of the chicken wings



You’ll probably make more gravy than you need for Christmas Day, but that’s no biggie. Just divide your gravy into usable portions (ie, enough for the amount of people in your household) to freeze. Once cold, pour it into reusable freezer bags and freeze flat – this means you can stack them up, making it easy for you to pull out however much you need and defrost.

Your gravy will keep frozen for around six months – just defrost your gravy thoroughly in the fridge and then reheat it until it’s piping hot – so you can have epic roasts for months! 



Only defrost what you need on Christmas Day, because you won’t be able to reheat it again.
Just a few little additions can take your Get-ahead gravy to the next level. Try adding a little of these when you reheat it on the day…

  • Blackberry jam 
  • Marmite 
  • Veggie Worcestershire sauce 



What to do with the leftovers in the freezer? Defrost as much as you need, then heat it until piping hot and enjoy it with these delicious recipes.

  • Pour generously over a Christmas leftover pie

  • Enjoy a French dip sandwich, Jamie-style – take your Christmas leftover sarnie and dip it in hot Get-ahead gravy

  • Not forgetting the classic – poutine, with chips. Check out DJ BBQ’s video for his take on it



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