iced midget gems in a row

Who’s had biscuit nostalgia? You know, when you taste one of those biscuits that you ate far too many of when you were young, and it just takes you right back. Yeah? Now, who’s tried one of those biscuits and found that it’s not quite what you remember?

We’ve experienced both of those things and found a solution that lets us have as many biscuits as we want that taste better than we remember! The perfect example is Iced Gems. We used to love these, but now they’re just a little bit underwhelming…so what did we do? We made them BIGGER!

It’s not just about making things bigger though. It’s really all about the taste, and we’ve gotta get a balance between the right taste and a better taste. Jaffa cakes are a perfect example of a ridiculously simple recipe that is taken to another level simply by using fresh orange juice for the jelly and a great-quality dark chocolate. Yum!

Another good reason for making your own biscuits is personalising them! It’s perfect for getting everyone (including the kids) involved. Try cutting out your names in jammy dodgers and filling them with your own choice of jam – we love strawberry or something a bit different like fig, although if you’re looking for that perfect nostalgic feeling it has to be raspberry!

There is no WAY that we could write about nostalgic biscuits without mentioning the big daddy of all biscuits: wagon wheels. If you’re willing to wait a little longer for your biscuity fix, then making your own version of this classic is really good fun and totally worth it for the flavour!

Whatever you’re baking right now, make a bit of time for some biscuits from your childhood! The big question is…what biscuits haven’t we mentioned that you’d like to make at home?

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