fried noodle burger bun with pak choi and egg

The FIFA World Cup is almost upon us again! It’s not just a chance to watch some great football, but also for countries to come together to share their own cultures – a big part of which is often food.

Japanese food is incredibly popular online, and we always see our takes on Japanese recipes do really well – but if you’ve seen any of our recipes before then you’ll know that we rarely worry too much about authenticity! Instead, we put our own twist on things to make them either simpler or just a bit different.

The most extreme example is probably the ramen burger. We definitely can’t take credit for coming up with this one, but it really is the ultimate fusion of Japan and American culture! People seemed to love this craze and we had loads of photos from our followers who have made it. Check out the recipe below and give it a go – and send in pictures via @jamieoliver on Twitter or on Jamie’s Facebook page.

Another big twist on authentic Japanese food was our Teriyaki chicken recipe. We can’t take all the credit for this one either, because this one was developed with the help of all of the Sorted community and one suggestion really stood out to us: Breaded and fried chicken with Teriyaki Sauce. Not at ALL authentic but wow it tasted good – how can anyone say no to a combination of teriyaki and katsu!

Every so often we do give a slightly more traditional recipe a go, and we really love a bit of sushi. We even got our hands on a proper tamago pan to cook this Tamagoyaki, to go with Tempura prawn sushi.

The best thing about different cultures coming together through something like football or food is learning from the people who know exactly what they’re talking about. We love cooking food from Japan (and getting it slightly wrong) because people aren’t afraid to correct us and teach us the right way to do things. We’re slowly but surely getting better, and that’s all down to the Sorted community!

So tell us… how would you improve these recipes?

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