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Sometimes the last thing you want to do is cook – especially when you know that there’s going to be loads of washing up involved – but we honestly believe that this just shouldn’t be the case. No matter how little time you have, with these one-pot wonders you can still whip up a meal from scratch and have next to no washing up to do afterwards.

Some one-pot meals can take a little longer, but they don’t need any attention given to them whilst they’re cooking away; just let them do their thing and you’re set!

It also means that you can save a bit of money by using cheaper cuts of meat too, so it’s well worth the wait. Try our Choc Chip Chilli, complete with beer and chocolate and you’ll see what we mean!

Some of the best, tastiest meals can be cooked in just one pot. Lamb orzo, for example, doesn’t take long, but the few simple ingredients combine in the pot to create the most fantastic, deep flavours in the short cooking time. It’s proper comfort food, and yet it’s not too heavy… perfect around this time of year, when it’s just starting to warm up.

Still, we all know there are times when you REALLY don’t want to cook/wait/wash up/put any effort in; that’s where one-pot pasta comes in. Various versions of this have been flying around the Internet recently and they’ve become a bit of a trend! This is our version, and it’s pretty much zero effort for maximum flavour.

We LOVE one-pot meals (can you tell?). There’s something for every occasion and there’s really not much you can’t do with them, from a good old British stew to chucking everything into a wok for a stir fry… it really gives us an excuse to cook no matter what else is going on in life, and that has to be a good thing!

We’ve given you a few of our favourites, but what’s your go-to one pot wonder? Have a look at some of Jamie’s for a bit of further inspiration.

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