Pasta recipes for kids

These gorgeous pasta recipes for kids will keep the little ones happy, but are also perfect for family meals.

It’s so much easier to cook one dish for everyone, and this mix of pasta bakes, classics such as spag Bol, and one-pan wonders will have everyone asking for seconds. We’ve even thrown in a few sneaky tricks to pack in the veg for the fussy eaters of the family. Buon appetito!

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This veggie twist on the classic is full of good stuff like green lentils. Dried porcini mushrooms and fresh rosemary make sure that it’s packed with flavour, too. Give it a go next time you’re after a meat-free family meal!


Lasagne is one of the best pasta recipes for kids. It’s a firm favourite in the Oliver household and this is a delicious, simple and nutritious recipe that will never let you down. It starts with an easy ragù and loads of veggies, then a simple sweet leek Béchamel sauce, and there are some top tips for layering it up so everyone gets a fair share!

This tomato sauce is cooked twice – once in the oven and once on the hob. This is a really simple recipe that’s great for kids, and they can even get stuck in with helping to make the pasta sauce.

This creamy butternut squash pasta pasta is really simple to whip up and full of flavour. The butternut squash cooks downs and gets super-creamy and sweet, so this is a great way to introduce any picky eaters to root veg. 

This is a great pasta recipe for kids, as older children can work on their chopping skills with some simple tomato prep, while little ones can help with squashing the stones out of the olives and ripping up the basil leaves. It’s a family affair!

You can’t get much simpler and tastier than this easy vegetable carbonara – a brilliant little recipe to add to your repertoire! If you’re cooking this for younger children, you could swap the linguine for a shorter pasta shape, like penne, to make it easier to eat.


A delicious and affordable bake that’s really easy to pull together – perfect family food!


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