sticky toffee pudding recipe with cream and drizzled toffee

Sticky toffee pudding is the ultimate British treat. Soft and sticky dates give this pud its unmistakably fudgy taste and texture (although we’re not saying it’s one of your 5-a-day – unfortunately!). We’re going to talk you through Jamie’s easy sticky toffee pudding recipe and give you a few extra tips on how to make sure your pud is perfect. It’s the ultimate comfort food, so give it a go!


  1. It’s really important to let your dates soften – don’t skip this step! This is what makes sticky toffee pudding sticky.
  2. If you don’t have a food processor – or if you just want a pud with a bit of texture – chop the dates before soaking. Then, when they’ve softened, mash well with a fork and add to your batter.
  3. We’ve left this pud plain and simple, but there are loads of way you can pimp it: chopped toasted pecan nuts stirred into the sauce; orange zest grated through the batter; fresh grated ginger stirred into the batter; or even a sprinkling of chocolate chips over the pud before it goes into the oven.
  4. Want to make this easy sticky toffee pudding vegan-friendly? Just use dairy-free spread instead of butter, and watch this quick video to find out what you can use instead of eggs.


sticky toffee pudding recipe

From Jamie’s Dinners in 2004, this easy sticky toffee pudding recipe is the timeless classic – no fuss, no extras, it just can’t be improved upon. It only takes 45 minutes to whip up, so it’s a great way to end a lazy weekend lunch, or an impromptu dinner party.

easy sticky toffee pudding recipe

And now for the twist…


easy sticky toffee pudding recipe

A super twist on the original, these cupcakes are perfect for making with the kids. This easy sticky toffee pudding recipe has the addition of chocolate in the sauce – chocolate and toffee is always going to be a winner!