One of our popular mushroom recipes: shawarma wrap with fresh vegetables

Mushrooms are the star of the autumn show. Their earthy, nutty flavour is full of umami, making them super satisfying, and they can add real depth to recipes. They’re also packed full of goodness*.

Our favourite mushroom recipes range from one-tray puff pies to fakeaway shawarmas, simple curries to game-changing mayo, all of them heroing this awesome autumn ingredient. 

Arm yourself with this bank of brilliant mushroom recipes, and the next time you crave this earthy autumn veg you’ll have just the dish to hit the spot. 

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Hunker down with this comforting soup recipe from Jamie’s cookbook 5 Ingredients Mediterranean. By using mushrooms in two delicious ways, you’ll end up with an incredible depth of flavour in just 30 minutes – ideal. 

A five-ingredient, on-the-hob wonder that’ll soon become one of your family’s favourite quick and easy meals. The mixed mushrooms give added flavour and texture, but you can use whichever type is easiest to get hold of, and the crème fraîche and garlic combine to create the most moreish, creamy sauce that everyone will love.

Mushroom lovers, introducing your new favourite twist on a classic British meal. This take on toad-in-the-hole is one of our budget-friendly recipes and a real crowd-pleaser. Letting the rosemary sprigs infuse with the oil gives the dish an added dimension, while the mushrooms provide texture and flavour between bites of soft yet crispy batter – the perfect combo!

It doesn’t get much better than the flavours and textures of this dish. We’re talking halloumi, capers and crunchy pistachios, alongside lemony couscous, a simple tomato sauce and, of course, beautiful portobello mushrooms. This is a great principle oven-baked dinner that can easily be adapted according to whatever you have at home. 

A creamy puff pastry pie made using just one pan? Yes, please! This chicken and mushroom masterpiece uses readily available ingredients including ready-rolled puff pastry for added ease. Plus, you can make this dish veggie by ditching the chicken and amping up the mushrooms – either way, it’s a mushroom recipe that’ll go down a treat.

Mix cottage cheese and diced mushrooms with ham, then fry with Parmesan for the easiest, cheesiest breakfast (or lunch). They’re quick, easy, budget-friendly and absolutely delicious, particularly when paired with a sweet chilli and yoghurt dip. When you have leftover mushrooms to use, Jamie’s breakfast popovers are the answer. 

This meat-free stir-fry is bursting with fresh soy and ginger flavours. Mushroom is the star ingredient – we use a bunch of beautiful mixed mushrooms that add a wonderful earthiness to the dish, and mixed with the simple, sweet sauce they taste even better. Serve with chilli sauce, coriander and lime wedges and you have yourself an incredible vegan weeknight meal.

This mushroom recipe is a brilliant veggie alternative to the classic comfort food. So much flavour is packed into this dish – capers give acidity, cornichons add a welcome crunch and the whisky sauce is simply a dream. On an evening you’re craving something warm and hearty, this stroganoff makes for a delicious dinner in just 20 minutes.

A wonderfully earthy bowl of chicken stock, veg and mushrooms – this mushroom miso broth makes a fantastic lunch, or a light, flavour-packed supper. It’s a beautiful warming winter soup recipe to keep to hand for the days you feel like you need a pick-me-up, as it contains lots of other healthy ingredients layered on top of the mix of wild mushrooms.

Grill your mushrooms to release their nutty flavour before scattering on a risotto. Simple to make with a hint of fancy, this is a mushroom recipe that can suit any occasion, from cosy nights in to dinner parties.

If you’re looking for a hit vegetarian meal to add to your recipe roster, this crispy mushroom shawarma takes the trophy. Inspired by the kebab shop classic, it’s the perfect healthier alternative you can cook at home to really impress a crowd. The mushrooms give that meaty texture, while the herbs, spices, pickles and sauces make it the fakeaway recipe you’ve been craving. 

Celebrate the very best mushroom flavours with this wonderfully creamy and earthy mushroom soup. Just a teaspoon of truffle oil packs an extra layer of flavour to make this the best mushroom soup recipe out there, plus the crispy mushroom croutes on the side are a must-make. 

Mushrooms absorb other flavours really well, which makes them a beautiful curry ingredient. This veg-packed mega mushroom curry is simple to make and really hits the spot, with brilliant texture from the mushrooms and gorgeous bites of lovely paneer throughout. It really is the ultimate veggie curry recipe

Blitz up mushrooms with balsamic vinegar and stir through mayonnaise for a lovely rich dressing on top of tender asparagus. Mushroom mayo works particularly well in side dishes like this, or used as a burger topper. It’s an easy yet impressive way to use up any leftover mushrooms you might have. 

*What are the health benefits of mushrooms?

Different mushrooms contain different micronutrients. Most are a source of the B-vitamins riboflavin, niacin and biotin, which metabolic and nervous systems need to function properly. Plus, common mushrooms are a source of folic acid, which is very important for maternal tissue growth during pregnancy, as well as for immune function and blood formation. Raw shiitake, just like most mushrooms, is high in potassium, which is great for muscle growth and keeping our blood pressure at normal levels.

Shiitake mushrooms are also very high in vitamin D, which many of us are deficient in. Our bodies need vitamin D to absorb calcium and phosphorus. Without sufficient vitamin D, our bones and teeth won’t be as strong and healthy as they should be. We get vitamin D from the sun, but in winter, especially here in the UK, it’s helpful to top up from food sources.

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