mushrooms being sliced on a chopping board

In Jamie's series, Jamie’s Super Food, he visits a shiitake mushroom forest farm in South Korea. The second biggest producer of shiitake mushrooms in the world (just after China), South Korea produces an incredible 41,876 tonnes of the funghi every year.

Mushrooms are a fantastic and really varied ingredient. They’re earthy, soft and nutty and can add real oomph to all sorts of recipes. They’re also packed full of goodness.


Different mushrooms contain different micronutrients. Most are a source of the B-vitamins riboflavin, niacin and biotin, which metabolic and nervous systems need to function properly. Plus, common mushrooms are a source of folic acid, which is very important for maternal tissue growth during pregnancy, as well as for immune function and blood formation. Raw shiitake, just like most mushrooms, is high in potassium, which is great for muscle growth and keeping our blood pressure at normal levels.

Shiitake mushrooms are also very high in vitamin D, which many of us are deficient in. Our bodies need vitamin D to absorb calcium and phosphorus. Without sufficient vitamin D, our bones and teeth won’t be as strong and healthy as they should be. We get vitamin D from the sun, but in winter, especially here in the UK, it’s helpful to top up from food sources.


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