Minestrone soup - the perfect student dinner

Knowing your way around the kitchen is a key skill for any new student and will help you eat well, save money and gain some of those all-important Adult Life Skills. And, with just a handful of ingredients and a bank of simple recipes, whipping up nutritious, delicious meals can be super-easy.

From brilliant breakfasts and speedy suppers to batch-cook beauties and a classic roast to feed hungry housemates, we’ve pulled together 14 student staples to help you master the basics and gain confidence in the kitchen.


When you’re in need of a quick brunch or lunch, eggs can really save the day. This basic omelette is fast to make, easy and versatile – try adding spices, fresh herbs or chuck in some leftover cooked veg to keep things interesting.


A post-pub recipe is a must for every student, and this Midnight breakfast is the ultimate late-night fix. It’s all cooked in one pan so there’s next to no washing up – and hopefully, next to no hangover the morning after.


Having a basic tomato sauce recipe up your sleeve is a great way to get a variety of dinners on the table in no time. Make a batch of this Hero tomato sauce, stash in the freezer and you’ll have the base for soups, stews and ragùs ready to go whenever you need it.


Quick, colourful and full of the good stuff, a veggie stir-fry is a go-to midweek meal. This no-fuss version uses a selection of crunchy veg, but this method will work with chicken, beef, or tofu, too.


This hearty minestrone soup recipe makes the most of store-cupboard staples and packs in that all-important extra veg. Make a batch at the beginning of the week and it’ll be yours to enjoy for days.


Learning to cook a delicious pasta dish is a must for every student and it doesn’t get much easier than a simple carbonara. The sauce only requires a few basic ingredients and cooks in the time it takes to cook the pasta – perfetto!


An easy veggie curry is perfect when you need something cheap and comforting. Full of warming spices, soft sweet potato and creamy coconut, this chickpea curry is a big hug in a bowl.


Recreating takeaway favourites at home is great for saving those pennies. This egg- fried rice dish is full of flavour and ready in under 15 minutes. Plus, you can swap in any veg and cooked meat you’ve got in the fridge.


Slow-cooked chilli con carne spooned over fluffy rice or a crispy baked potato is just the ticket when comfort food is required. This recipe makes a bumper batch, ideal for feeding a crowd or portioning up and popping in the freezer for future meals.


Whether you’re after a light lunch or a speedy dinner, this colourful salad is guaranteed to bring a bit of brightness to mealtimes. You can use anything fresh and crunchy – simply chop, toss in the dressing and dig in.


A basic risotto is a lesson worth learning and can be adapted to whatever ingredients you have knocking about. Have a go at this recipe, and then mix things up by adding grilled mushrooms, roasted squash, leftover roast chicken, or frozen peas – anything goes!


Jarred pesto is a great ingredient to have on standby when you need a burst of flavour fast. This dish of crispy-skinned salmon and seasonal veg is delicious with a homemade version but a few dollops of good-quality pesto from a jar work just as well.


With minimal prep and hardly any washing-up, a simple traybake can be a real saviour when you’re pushed for time. This Comforting sausage bake takes 10 minutes to knock together and the oven does the rest – what more could you want?


When you want to go all out, cooking up a perfect roast chicken for your friends will hold you in good stead throughout your uni years and beyond. Serve with traditional roast potatoes and veg or a big green salad for a lighter alternative.

Once you’ve bossed these student staple recipes, check out more ideas for Easy student recipes.


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