Salmon recipes - slice of raw salmon with herbs and oil on top

By Helen Jackson

Salmon and parties go hand in hand. Whether it’s tasty little smoked morsels on blinis as canapés or a magnificent fresh side on a platter, salmon is an ideal choice.

Regal salmon is the best quality salmon, raised in the pristine waters of the Marlborough sounds, Regal salmon is rich in colour but mild in flavour, making it the salmon that chefs and home cooks prefer.

Over the next month or two most of us will be entertaining more and a side of salmon is a great option. It’s incredibly versatile and so easy to prepare that it makes entertaining a breeze.
When purchasing your sides of fresh Regal salmon work out quantities by thinking of around 175g per person. Once you get your salmon home then check for pin bones by running your fingers down the centre of the side. Pin bones will be found away from the tail but along the seam leading up to the head. These can be removed with tweezers or a knife.

Salmon marries well with a variety of flavours and cuisines. This soy-baked salmon with zingy salsa utilises the flavours of Asia, which are divine with it, as are the more Mediterranean herbs such as dill, thyme, capers and rosemary.

While people will often discard the skin, our roast salmon recipe and crispy barbecue salmon uses the skin as well, by cooking it separately until it is completely crisp. Crunchy salmon skin is definitely a treat!

Beetroot and salmon go so well together and it isn’t just the colour combination that works – the earthiness of the beetroot is a perfect foil for the richness of salmon. Gravadlax is made by pressing salt with spices and other flavours into a side of salmon, along with a little gin. After a couple of days the salmon will be ready to serve and full of the gorgeous flavours used in the marinade. This home cured beetroot gravadlax is exceptional.

However you like your salmon, look for Regal by name.