St Patrick's Day meal idea, beef, spinach and rhubarb crumble

Celebrate the culture and food of the Emerald Isle with a Jamie St Patrick’s Day feast on 17th March. This lively day is marked with music, food, dancing and of course a drop of the black stuff. Celebrations are held in Ireland and all over the world where Irish emigrants have settled over the centuries to honour their patron saint who drove the serpents from the island.

Ireland has some beautiful produce, with Irish beef cattle and lambs enjoying the verdant landscapes – and it is the green of the countryside that gives Ireland its emerald nickname. Root vegetables love a wet climate as well, so do brassicas and this wealth of produce means the ubiquitous potato and cabbage figure highly in the cuisine.

So, here goes – and by the way, each of these courses goes really well with Guinness! Just remember to drink responsibly. Don’t eat all of these suggestions, choose a couple as a Sunday treat and get cooking. Top of the mornin’!


Kick off with – Oysters – Ireland has some of the best in the world. But your own natives, if in season as they are in the UK until the end of April, will be just fine as will rock oysters, just try and buy local.
St Patrick's Day

Watch for tips – Here’s a video to help you open this strange and addictive fruit of the sea:

….or if you can’t get hold of oysters this weekend make the most of the brassicas with this green veggie option.
St Patrick's Day crostini greens

Then get the main event going with a casserole made with shin of beef, an Irish fave.
St Patrick's Day shin stew

or for veggies, this is a lovely option to make the most of the season.
St Patrick's Day Italian greens

Finish with a gorgeous pud, forced rhubarb is bang in season.
St Patrick's Day rhubarb sorbet

….and of course, a pint!


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