stuffed roast turkey with roast carrots and gravy

It’s that time of year again; freezing weather, toasty fires, indoor trees and lots of food. The one thing that we think of aside from food though, is family. Here at Sorted we like to think that we’re all one big family, who cook, eat and enjoy food together.

We love to develop recipes with our community’s help, and most recently we’ve all been discussing the turkey. It’s a Christmas staple for us Brits, in the USA it’s the centrepiece of most Thanksgiving tables and nowadays it’s eaten all year round as a great lean, protein rich alternative to meats like beef mince.

The turkey roast is the firm favourite around this time of year, but we like to put our spin on recipes. The community definitely helped us out this time. We gave the turkey a bit of a twist by cooking just a breast, and creating a ballotine using sage and onion stuffing.

Cooking the breast off the bone can be risky business; there’s not much worse than dry turkey but we were assured that brining is an absolute must. We’d never tried it, but that’s one of the joys of being able to tap into a worldwide knowledge base, and wow does it work! The meat stayed fantastically juicy!

While using just one breast is great for a small family, there are often loads of leftovers to use up when you roast the whole bird. We’ve got that covered too! Don’t just think turkey sandwiches…how about a Christmas Risotto that uses up all sorts of ingredients that you might have lying around after the big day?

The sage and blue cheese provide a bit hit of flavour, which the turkey and rice carry perfectly. The inventive use of stuffing almost steals the show though, giving the dish an incredible texture!

Would Christmas be complete without dessert? Not for us, but what to have? You could finish that heavy meal off with a Christmas twist on Summer Pudding…light and fruity but with those rich, slightly spiced flavours you expect at this time of year, all wrapped up in Panattone.

If, however, you’re like us and just can’t help but continue indulging, try this for a spectacular way to end your Christmas dinner. Enjoy!

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