Super bowl food - fried egg on ciabatta with veg

There are very few things that Americans do in small measures, and the Super Bowl is not one of them. Not only is it the second-most watched sports event in the world, it’s also the day that Americans buy and eat the most food (excluding Thanksgiving).

What you eat and drink on the day is clearly an important part of the Super Bowl, I mean let’s face it, there are a lot of breaks in the average American football game, and people need to be distracted. So if you’re hosting some friends for the day, we’re here to help with lots of American-inspired snacking… unless you’re watching it at breakfast time in India, in which case you might be better of with these waffles.

Catering at the Super Bowl

So, catering for sports events at home is all about big bowls, boards and plates of lovely stuff for people to tuck into – all made with the minimum of fuss. You don’t want to be running in and out of the kitchen all game. With that in mind, we’ve got lots of easy dishes designed for sharing. Where the quantities aren’t enough, just scale them up!

First up is the classic tortilla dip – Jamie’s homemade ones are much better than the shop-bought ones, and come with a great avocado dip. You could always add some tomato salsa, cheese and jalapenos for a nacho plate too. While we’re dipping, get something healthy out on the table too with this delicious garlicky sauce that’s ideal for dunking crunchy veg.

Now we’re moving into the big stuff – bring it out at halftime to keep people entertained during Bruno Mars’ halftime set. We’ve gone for an American theme of course, so try some bite-sized burgers (known as sliders) with whatever toppings you fancy, and serve them with a big bowl of seasoned potatoes and sweet potatoes.

If that’s a bit too obvious, whip up these awesome pork belly tacos, which your friends can assemble themselves while the game is going on, saving you the trouble and making it all a bit more hands on. If getting handsy is what you’re after, try these bad-ass griddled corn on the cobs or Jamie’s awesome deep-pan pizza – both great for putting in the middle of the table and in front of the sofa for everyone to reach out for.

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