triple chocolate chip cookies with chocolate drizzle on top

Halloween is a great excuse to go mad in the kitchen. But not in the crazed horror-film sense; more in the natural food-colourings and heart-warming treats sense.

Autumn is an excellent time to take advantage of seasonal produce and create some classic comfort food, but the spookiest night of the year is a brilliant excuse for getting stuck into some naughty homemade Halloween treats. And we’re here to show you how. Check out our favourite Halloween recipes below – from ghostly meringues to bleeding vampire cookies and wintry chilli to spicy sausage rolls.

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We’ve all seen Halloween-themed bakes before, but you’ve never seen anything like this from Food Tube’s Cupcake Jemma! These bite-sized ghostly meringues are super-easy to make and lots of fun to cook up with kids – if you don’t mind the odd misshapen ghost, that is!

Jamie and the Food Tube gang have loads of tasty treats on their Halloween playlist, so make sure you have a look through for more ideas.


Donal’s bloody soda is the perfect soft drink for Halloween. Ideal for kids at your Halloween party or for dishing out to thirsty trick-or-treaters, this gory creation blends ice with frozen mixed berries, blood orange juice, ginger ale, and the juice of a freshly squeezed orange. Looks spooky; tastes fantastic.

You can find loads more drinks ideas over on Drinks Tube’s Halloween playlist, including Jamie’s pumpkin punch and a very special toffee apple cocktail. Speaking of which…


These sticky, naughty classics from Food Tube’s Barry Lewis are also spiked with autumnal spices, making them a Halloween essential. You can even get creative with other coatings and toppings, from nuts and sprinkles to different melted chocolates – perfect for getting little helping hands involved!


These vampire bite Halloween cookies by Dulce Delight are not for the faint hearted! Filled with low-sugar raspberry jam, these crunchy buttery biscuits bleed once cooked, so they’re bound to add some genuine terror to your trick-or-treat celebrations.



These cookies are terrifyingly tasty – a gooey, chocolatey biscuit mixed with crushed Maltesers and white chocolate. You won’t be able to wipe that grin off your face.

Be sure to have a browse through our Halloween recipes for loads more inspiration – perhaps have a crack at ghoulash (sorry), ghost potatoes (really sorry) or terrormisu (actually, not remotely sorry for that one).

When the nights are closing in, it’s great to tuck into a full-flavoured, hearty dish, and for me, a proper, rustic chilli rocks


This roasted spicy butternut squash with bacon is delicious as an antipasto and great at Christmas


Going to the trouble of making your own baked beans is totally worth it – the flavour is incredible


The Italians’ take on bangers and mash, with lentils and a good roasted sausage, is a genius combo


When it’s cold out, this beautiful, colourful butternut squash risotto is like a big, warm hug


Comforting and delicious, this is a great meat-free dinner idea or, without the killer croutons, it makes a damn fine side with roasted meats


This truly comforting one-pan supper contains three of our 5-a-day, and the chicken fulfils half of our daily vitamin B12 needs, helping us make healthy red blood cells


You can’t beat a warm, flaky sausage roll, and with the mild chilli heat this is a heavenly warming treat


I’ve swapped the pumpkin for butternut squash – much easier to get hold of and just as tasty


A fun spin on a holiday favourite, these zesty, spiced doughnuts are a perfect spring treat


This gluten-free pumpkin pie is my twist on the classic American dessert – lightly spiced and totally delicious


Kids (and grown-ups) love these gorgeous chocolate biscuits – you just can’t keep your hands off ’em


The chocolate in this triple-layer pie serves as a delicious barrier between the filling and crust, keeping the pastry crisp


Easy and super fun to prepare, get the kids involved in this wicked Halloween treat


A great idea for kids – grab a load of fruit, sweets and other bits and pieces and have some fun


These muffins are a great way to get the kids eating squash and taste absolutely delicious