triple chocolate chip cookies with chocolate drizzle on top

Halloween is a great excuse to go mad in the kitchen. But not in the crazed horror-film sense; more in the natural food-colourings and heart-warming treats sense.

Autumn is an excellent time to take advantage of seasonal produce and create some classic comfort food, but the spookiest night of the year is a brilliant excuse for getting stuck into some naughty homemade treats. And we’re here to show you how. Below are our favourite Halloween sweet-treat recipes – from ghostly meringues to bleeding vampire cookies.


We’ve all seen Halloween-themed bakes before, but you’ve never seen anything like this from Food Tube’s Cupcake Jemma! These bite-sized ghostly meringues are super-easy to make and lots of fun to cook up with kids – if you don’t mind the odd misshapen ghost, that is!

Jamie and the Food Tube gang have loads of tasty treats on their Halloween playlist, so make sure you have a look through for more ideas.


Donal’s bloody soda is the perfect soft drink for Halloween. Ideal for kids at your Halloween party or for dishing out to thirsty trick-or-treaters, this gory creation blends ice with frozen mixed berries, blood orange juice, ginger ale, and the juice of a freshly squeezed orange. Looks spooky; tastes fantastic.

You can find loads more drinks ideas over on Drinks Tube’s Halloween playlist, including Jamie’s pumpkin punch and a very special toffee apple cocktail. Speaking of which…


These sticky, naughty classics from Food Tube’s Barry Lewis are also spiked with autumnal spices, making them a Halloween essential. You can even get creative with other coatings and toppings, from nuts and sprinkles to different melted chocolates – perfect for getting little helping hands involved!


These vampire bite Halloween cookies by Dulce Delight are not for the faint hearted! Filled with low-sugar raspberry jam, these crunchy buttery biscuits bleed once cooked, so they’re bound to add some genuine terror to your trick-or-treat celebrations.



These cookies are terrifyingly tasty – a gooey, chocolatey biscuit mixed with crushed Maltesers and white chocolate. You won’t be able to wipe that grin off your face.

Be sure to have a browse through our Halloween recipes for loads more inspiration – perhaps have a crack at ghoulash (sorry), ghost potatoes (really sorry) or terrormisu (actually, not remotely sorry for that one).