Four plates of panna cotta topped with pink fruits like rhubarb and strawberries. A great way to use leftover yoghurt!

While natural yoghurt might have a relatively short shelf-life, the good news is it’s a super versatile ingredient. Its creaminess and tang make it ideal for balancing and carrying flavour in salad dressings and dips; its acidity helps to create light, fluffy cakes and quick flatbreads, and works wonders as a marinade to tenderise tougher […]

Jamie and Demi Stokes standing together in the JO HQ kitchen, smiling at the camera

It’s a good day if you’re eating like Demi! This football legend has impeccable taste in food. Being a major cooking fan, she joined us at Jamie Oliver HQ to cook up one of her favourite dishes: brown stewed chicken with cabbage and rice. Let us tell you, the smells coming out of that kitchen […]

Jamie's open fire & camping recipes

You can whip up our easy camping recipes over a small gas stove, a barbecue or even an open fire. You won’t need much when it comes to kitchen equipment – a medium-sized frying pan, saucepan and wooden spoon will go a long way (just don’t forget the plates and cutlery!).  Do as much prep […]