Spring greens recipes - plate of green mac n cheese with knife and fork

Here’s a delicious list of spring greens recipes that make use of this tasty cabbage in loads of different ways. For midweek lunches or quick-fix dinners, why not try a 15-minute sausage gnocchi with a side of epic greens, a speedy veggie noodle dish or sweet potato curry with shredded greens. Or if you’re after […]

Best chard recipes - roast pork, creamy beans and chard on a plate

A lot like spinach or beetroot leaves, chard offers a fantastically earthy and lovely bitter flavour when raw; and a milder, sweeter, iron-y flavour when cooked. And you can eat the stalks, too. We love the fact that chard can be used to balance and contrast more mellow flavours and textures – such as butternut […]

How to use up spring onions - a serving of greens mac & cheese with a pot of limes to the top right of the plate, and an oven tray with the rest of the pasta above

Spring onions, which are part of the allium family – think leeks, onions, chives and garlic –  can have loads of different flavour profiles based on their age, type and how you cook them. From sweet and mild to punchy and fiery, and even down to the part of the plant you choose (and how […]

How to use up lettuce - bowl of pad thai

Soft varieties of lettuce like butterhead and round work so well in seasonal salads or as lettuce wraps – just make sure you dress or fill the leaves right before serving to stop them from getting too soggy and wilted. And crisper varieties like little gem, romaine, cos or iceberg are incredibly refreshing and make […]