ice-cream recipes - chocolate ice cream in a bowl with two spoons on the side

Making your own ice cream is often seen as a labour of love, but it's surprisingly straightforward once you know how. From dairy-free delights to classic chocolate, we’ve got plenty of homemade ice-cream recipes to make your heart melt.

No ice-cream maker? No problem – simply pour your mixture into a large freezer-proof container and pop it in the freezer, giving it a whisk every 30 minutes until frozen and smooth. Here are our favourite ice-cream recipes – give them a go, the rewards are so worth it!


Proper decadent and rich, this classic chocolate ice-cream recipe is great to have up your sleeve. Delicious with a handful of seasonal raspberries or strawberries when summer arrives.


Spiked with a splash of brandy (or peach schnapps!), this fruity little number is proper summer fare. What’s more, you only need four ingredients.


Smooth, creamy and deliciously silky, avocado is a fantastic addition here. With citrussy zest and fragrant vanilla, this is next-level homemade ice cream.


Don’t eat dairy? Don’t fret – enjoy classic vanilla with this indulgent vegan ice cream recipe. It’s a real joy, whether you have a dairy-free diet or not!


Nutty almond and hazelnut notes pair with sweet runny honey in this dairy-free ice-cream recipe that’s something truly special. A splash of Amaretto will take it up a notch, if that’s your thing.


Heroing the humble banana, this fruity ice-cream recipe is ridiculously good. Roasting bananas with orange zest, honey and cinnamon creates the most incredible flavour combo.