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Look the part with our list of useful cocktail kit. Just remember that it doesn’t have to be expensive to add an edge to your mixing skills

Cocktail Glasses 

No-one really minds if you serve a cocktail in a normal hi-ball glass, or even a jam jar, but to add a sense of sophistication to your burgeoning cocktail skills, a good assortment of glasses is a real bonus. Sturdy tumblers, stemmed glasses and champagne flutes really look the part.


The key ingredient in any cocktail! Make sure you have a good stock of spirits to hand, depending on your taste – the basic go to’s for the store cupboard that should help you to whip up something for everyone are gin, rum and vodka. And always worth having a bottle of prosecco to hand.


It’s a strange word but a really good bit of kit to make sure your lucky guests manage to get home safely. Essentially it’s a measuring cup with a single shot on one end and a double at the other. Speeds up the mixing process, which in turn makes you look like you know what you’re doing.


Another odd word, but to make sure you get the most flavour out of your chosen ingredients, it’s a superb bit of cocktail-mixing bling. It’s a stick with a kind of claw at the end to help juice your citrus fruit within the glass. Push and grind, push and grind…


Not an accessory! Avoid any viral accusations when tasting your creation before serving by popping a clean straw in the drink, placing your finger over the end and emptying the trapped liquid into your expectant mouth. Ok, they’re also a great accessory. Try to go for paper or metal straws which are better for the environment!


Ice can come in all shapes and sizes, with novelty trays being sold most places, but crushed ice is a barman’s best buddy, not just to cool the drink itself but to chill the glass. Make it in a normal tray, wrap it in a tea towel and smash it with a rolling pin. It’s useful for stress relief as well.


Quite often it’s only the essence of the ingredients that’s required in the final glass, rather than the lemon peel or lime pips! To get rid of the potential choking hazards, simply place this over your glass or in the mouth of your shaker. Problem solved.

Bar spoon

Not all cocktails are shaken – as a certain Mr Bond will tell you, some are stirred. While it’s perfectly acceptable to use a normal spoon, one with a long handle will ensure you get to the bottom of the glass and make sure it’s an even mix; and they can look pretty cool as well.

Cocktail Shaker

Surely the ultimate bit of kit to look like a pro at home, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to own one either. It can easily be substituted for a large glass jar with a lid. Make sure you get one with a tight-fitting lid, otherwise you could redecorate your kitchen.

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