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Stop promoting junk food to our kids – we’ve had enough!

Hi guys, Jamie here. I want to tell you about my campaign to protect kids from junk food marketing – and explain why I believe it really matters.

What is junk food marketing?

Kids are bombarded, day-in, day-out, with adverts for food and drink products that are high in unhealthy fats, sugar and salt. They’re online, on TV, on the streets and all over public transport.

Why does it matter?

If kids are constantly being targeted with cheap, easily accessible, unhealthy junk food, just think how hard it must be to make better, healthier choices. We have to make it easier for children to make good decisions.

These ads undermine any positive work we’re doing in schools or at home to tackle the rise of childhood obesity. Currently, there’s nothing in place to protect our kids from seeing these adverts – apart from literally covering their eyes! And that’s where our #AdEnough campaign comes in…

What can we do?

It’s time we put child health first. I’m calling for the government to introduce a 9pm watershed on junk food advertising on TV, and for proper controls on what ads kids see online, in the street and on public transport.

Crucially, this campaign isn’t about stopping big brands from advertising full stop; it’s about making sure kids aren’t being targeted with unhealthy products. It’s about controlling the time and place.

Can you help?

Guys, we urgently need the government to act. And it’s really simple for you to help. Please show your support by posting an image of yourself hiding your eyes on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #AdEnough.

It should only take two minutes of your time, and this simple, repeated image will be a powerful signal to the government that our kids have had enough.

We can do this!

I really believe we can get this over the line – we’ve already got some amazing support in government, and from big names in the sport, health and food worlds. This could be a really key moment in our fight against childhood obesity, and I’d love you to be a part of it.

Post with the hashtag #AdEnough, and let’s make this happen!

Big love, Jamie O xx

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Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is a world-renowned chef and food campaigner.

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