• Ministry of Food

Ministry of Food

We believe every meal matters. Which is why we are on a mission to revolutionise what we eat, one meal at a time, for future generations to thrive.

We have big ambitions to reach 1 Million people by 2030

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What we do

Through our work in schools, communities and workplaces we believe in the transformative power of good food and cooking.


We’ve launched the Good School Food Awards to shine a light on the incredible benefits that happen when kids are fed well and learn about the joy of food.  

And we’re campaigning for more kids to experience those benefits – more kids who need it should have access to free school meals support! Read more about our campaigning here.


We work with partners across the UK & Australia who deliver our cooking programmes to their local communities- providing hands-on food education for everyone. The programme has reached over 100,000 people and has been shown to have significant positive effects on dietary behaviour, food choice and cooking confidence.


Did you know we have a workplace cooking programme aimed at supporting businesses to improve the cooking confidence and wellbeing of their employees.