Hot Smoked Salmon: Bondi Harvest

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It’s Christmas! Which means presents, massive amounts of food and a beach BBQ….hang on, what??! Aussie friends Bondi Harvest show us what life’s like down under at Christmas with this fabulous hot smoked salmon and mango/pickled cucumber salsa.


1 Kilo Salmon with Skin
250g Salt
250g Sugar
1 x Stick of Cinnamon
1 x Vanilla Pod
5 x Star Anise
1 x Nutmeg
1 x Orange Peel
1 x mango, diced
1 x avocado, diced
1 x corn on the cob
1 x mint, chopped
1 x parsley, chopped
1 x cucumber, diced
½ cm x ginger, minced
½ x chilli, minced
1cup x apple cider vinegar
2 tsp x honey
1 x star anise

Into Mortar and Pestle
Rub over the salmon and leave for 12 hours
Place the pre-soaked wood chips on a tray over the Stove
Wipe salmon down the place wrapped in foil on another holed tray on top, skin side down.
Cover top to trap the smoke and leave for 20 minutes
Pickle cucumber in a small pot add apple cider vinegar, ginger, honey and star anise and bring to the simmer. Take off the stove, add cucumber then let cool.
On the BBQ or in a pan at home Grill and caramelise corn cob for about 10 minutes till coloured evenly, then set aside to cool before removing the kernels with a knife.
In a mixing bowl add mango, avocado, grilled corn, mint, parsley and strained pickled cucumber and give a light mix before serving.
Serve Salmon and Salsa with whole Cos lettuce leaves
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Published: 10 Dec 2015


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