Cheat’s bubble & squeak: Katie Pix

5:04 Fish
This is a paid AD by The Saucy Fish Co.
Katie Pix is back again, encouraging all you lovely people to have more fish in your lives! She’s whipped up a super quick cheat's bubble & squeak recipe with warm Italian style greens - paired with some smoked haddock this is a beautiful meal that will keep you going throughout the week.
For this dish, we’ve partnered up with The Saucy Fish Co. and their new frozen range. Many people struggle with how to cook fish, but experts recommend we should have two portions a week! Cooking from frozen is a great way to kick-start your eating habits. Just plate up with some dark green veggies, and you'll have your fill of nutritional goodness (with no nutrients lost in the fish during the freezing process)!
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Published: 17 Mar 2017
Tags: FishItalian +


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