Jamie's Leftover Turkey Tonnato

9th Oct 2014 18:01 More
(PP) Contains product placement. We've teamed up with Hellmann's for this video, for this and other great, tasty recipes check out This retro style Turkey Tonnato recipe topped with a beautiful cayenne and lemon mayonnaise will trick you in to thinking the ??Thanksgiving holidays are going to last forever. T?hin layers of breast meat? generously dressed? in ?the mayo ?sauce and drizzle?d? ?with a fragrant capers marinade. Then decorat?ed? with strips of anchovies and blackened chillis. This is one hell of a way to jazz up those leftovers people!

?There's loads more seasonal dishes here on Food Tube and ?Jamie's website:
From traditional? dishes? to altern?ative vegan, vegetarian?, gluten free and dairy free recipes. There's something for everyone this Holiday season!

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