Milano-torino & americano aperitivo cocktails: Jamie Oliver & Giuseppe Gallo

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Aperitivo is the Italian tradition of having a drink and a nibble to stimulate the appetite ahead of your evening meal. For this video, Jamie's headed to the historic Caffè Platti in Turin, Italy to meet top bartender Giuseppe Gallo and make two classic aperitivo-style cocktails - the Milano-Torino and the Americano. Created in partnership with Bacardi.

Both cocktails start the same way - with Martini Bitter liqueur, Martini Rosso sweet vermouth and a wedge of orange - but the Americano has a splash of soda water to lighten it and finish it off. After the drinks, the boys talk through how to create the aperitivo experience at home, by finding some local foods and pairing them with your cocktails.
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Published: 14 Nov 2014
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