Sweet & Sour Peppers

Agrodolce is Italian for sweet and sour, and this is one perfect way to prepare peppers. This is a super simple Italian dish that can be served as a side dish or even a main! It is a complete flavour bomb and when Gennaro makes something this simple, you have no excuse not to give it a go!

Gennaro in Italy
Over the coming months, we will be posting a series of Gennaro’s recipes from Italy, some of which you, the audience, have specifically asked for and others are Gennaro doing what the Italians do best – sourcing good ingredients and making simple, bold dishes with little effort and time involved.

Rather than cut these videos right down, we have left them a little longer and kept them relaxed. We think watching Gennaro in Italy is a glorious thing, and Gennaro does such a great job at being both inspiring and entertaining. So sit back and enjoy these as they roll out – we would love to know what you think.

Links from the video:

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Published: 28 May 2019
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