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Jamie's view on Boris's strategy

Boris has been bold and I applaud the logical measures his government is taking today to address the health of the nation and offer all kids a better and healthier future. This is a huge step in the right direction.  The last few months have shown us more clearly than ever that we need decisive action to protect the health of our children. We know kids from the poorest communities are most at risk, and we know that having access to varied and healthier food plays a vital part in keeping us healthy and resilient.

I have worked with five Prime Ministers to develop a proper child obesity strategy – including school meals and the sugar tax where all income is reinvested in our primary schools – and after years of delay, we finally have a solid strategy that is moving things forward. There is still a long way to go of course and as ever the devil will be in the detail and in the delivery.

The government needs to keep up the momentum – including finding a permanent solution to holiday hunger which Marcus Rashford highlighted so brilliantly in his free school meals campaign – if they want to achieve their goal of halving child obesity by 2030. But as someone who’s campaigned on this for 20 years, today is a good day.

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