Tips & tricks for family breakfasts

Breakfast is often overlooked, but it’s so important in setting you up for the day. Not only will it fill you up and prevent you snacking on foods high in fat or sugar, it can kick you off with a lovely boost of micronutrients, too.

My missus Jools’ breakfast on the go – Bircher muesli-style – is a fantastic way to ensure the kids are fed well, even when we need to get out of the house super quickly – just don’t forget to pack the spoons!

Kick-start your day the best way you can with some DIY oaty fruity cereal – serve up with your choice of milk or yoghurt and whatever fruit is in season and at its best. Delicious!

Oats are a real winner when it comes to quick breakfasts. Make some simple porridge, then take it all sorts of ways on the flavour front with these delicious combos – will you go fruity, syrupy, or nutty?

Pancakes work brilliantly as a special breakfast treat. Mix and match the toppings until you find your ultimate combination – seasonal fruit tossed with lime juice or orange zest and a dollop of natural yoghurt is a great start.

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