Tips & Tricks for kids' party recipes

Mix it up and use crinkle-cut knives, shaped cutters and speed-peelers to prepare veggies and fruit in interesting ways – my kids tend to devour them when prepped in a fun way.

If you’re throwing a kids’ party, keep things simple with bright colours and simple flavours – think bananas, strawberries, apples, cucumber and carrots – and you won’t go far wrong!

Stuck for party game ideas? Why not host a pizza-making competition? You can pre-make your bases, fill bowls with a rainbow of different toppings then, with the kids in teams, challenge them to see who can rustle up the best pizza.

Cool the kids down with Jools’ awesome fruity smoothie ice lollies, or make a beautiful frozen yoghurt layer cake. Brightly coloured, completely natural and jam-packed full of vitamins, what’s not to love?


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