vongole dish, spaghetti with seafood clams and herbs on top

Celebrate delicious homemade pasta with our favourite recipes for linguine and fettuccine, plus an epic twist on the classic carbonara.

The best Italian pasta recipes are all about simple ingredients put together with love and served up with joy. These five favourites are packed with fresh flavours and are a great way to gather friends and family for an Italian feast.


Tuna fettuccini, Italian pasta recipe

To make this Italian pasta recipe sing like Pavarotti, you really need baby or crunchy courgettes, so it’s best made in the summer. Jamie first made this recipe with Nonna Maria, the only fisherwoman on the island of Procida, which is just a stone’s throw from Naples. Contrary to the ‘no cheese and fish’ rule, she uses pecorino as a seasoning here, while crushed almonds give texture, creaminess, and incredible depth of flavour.



We’re turning back the clock to Jamie’s first big trip around Italy – when he turned 30. Check out this epic Italian pasta dish from Sicily, made using beautifully simple ingredients, and rustled up in no time in the busy restaurant kitchen. With the tasty – and unusual – combo of pine nuts and raisins… we reckon this really could be the best Sicilian pasta dish!



Prawn and tuna linguine recipe

Inspired by his time cooking with Nonna Rosanna, Jamie’s recipe for sweet and sour pasta is an absolute joy, and uses prawns and their heads for maximum flavour. Jamie uses her trick of washing sliced onions to make them milder, and the moisture also helps add extra sweetness as they cook, while the add vinegar adds contrast.



Oh boy, what a way to make your leftover Italian pasta dishes into something extraordinary! Jamie’s Carbonara cake is a next-level recipe for cooked ham, cooked spaghetti and Parmesan, and makes an incredible centrepiece. Tuck in!



Easy Italian pasta recipe - 'nduja vongole

Delicious, and ready in just 15 minutes – this brilliantly easy pasta recipe is a super-tasty interpretation of the Venetian classic, vongole. Made with fresh clams, this version is brought together by the punchy ’nduja sausage. Finish with a handful of fresh chopped parsley, and enjoy!


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