Gorgeously nutty and endlessly versatile, cauliflower is a fantastic vehicle for big, bold flavours.

Whether it’s baked into a classic cheesy sauce, cooked in a comforting curry, or transformed into an impressive showstopper, this humble vegetable is one to get excited about. Check out our delicious cauliflower recipes to get you feeling inspired.

This much-loved family favourite gets taken up a gear with a creamy, cheesy broccoli sauce and a deliciously crunchy almond topping. This recipe makes an epic side dish or an amazing veggie main in its own right.


A quick and easy curry should be in every cook’s repertoire. Full of fragrant flavours, this veggie dish is on the table in just 15 minutes – a mega midweek meal.


This incredible recipe puts cauliflower centre stage, with a supporting cast of sweet onions, tangy olives and salty anchovies. By treating this humble veg with the same respect as you would a prime cut of meat, you’ll have a wonderful side dish or main course worthy of any special occasion.


Some days you can’t beat a big bowl of pasta. This super-satisfying dish balances a creamy mushroom and cauliflower sauce with the fresh flavours of chilli and herbs to create a real crowd-pleaser. Simple, delicious and something a bit different.


If you thought cauliflower cheese couldn’t get any better, think again. With an oozy, cheesy sauce encased in a super-crispy crust, this pizza pie recipe takes the everyday vegetable to a whole new level. One to convince the cauli-haters…


This easy soup is perfect for when you want to curl up with something comforting. Roasting the cauliflower in spices beforehand really brings out its nutty flavour, while the coconut milk makes for a silky smooth finish.


This recipe is all about getting the good stuff into a classic comfort food dish. Use up the whole cauliflower by blitzing the stalks and leaves into the creamy cheese sauce, keeping the delicate florets for a bit of texture. You’ll have the whole family fighting over the crispy, garlicky topping too.


This gorgeous, Greek-inspired stew combines cauliflower with the fresh flavours of olives, lemons, tomatoes and peas for a real celebration of spring/summer ingredients. Serve with a big salad and crusty bread to mop up the juices – heaven!


Inspired by the flavours of the Italian island, this cauliflower and chickpea recipe uses sweet cinnamon, dried fruit and olives to bring a bit of sunshine to the dinner table. Simple to make and packed with plenty of nutritious goodness, this spicy stew is sure to hit the spot. 


Cooking tikka-rubbed chicken on a trivet of potatoes and cauliflower is guaranteed to create serious flavour. Beautifully spiced meat and soft roasted veg cooked in the same pan – what more could you want?