Cauliflower recipes

Gorgeously nutty and oh-so versatile, cauliflower is a fantastic vehicle for bigger flavours, or make it the hero and roast whole for an eye-catching centrepiece.

These five cauliflower recipes take you from the classic cheesy bake to spiced roast versions and tasty ideas for side dishes.


Jamie says: “Cauliflower cheese has always been a big favourite in the Oliver household. It’s such a staple I never thought I could do it better, but this version really has the edge…!” You can also play around with different cheeses and how they taste and melt.


With onions, olives, anchovies and white wine – this spectacular dish really heroes and focuses on the incredibleness of a big, fat, juicy cauliflower. Give it the time, love and care you would a prime cut of meat and this dish becomes a wonderful main course in its own right, served with bread, rice or pasta. It also makes a fantastic side dish or an amazing starter with toasted bread.

Cooking your tikka-rubbed chicken on a trivet of potatoes and cauliflower is almost like making two recipes in one. You get the gorgeous warming, spiced chicken meat plus beautifully soft, roasted veg – basted in delicious cooking juices from the bird. Winner!


Perfect as a curry accompaniment or as a snack in their own right, these flavour-packed samosas are super-fun to make. Plus, once you’ve cracked making the dough you can experiment with your filling combinations. Delicious!


This dish has great depth of flavour. It uses spices and ingredients that might make you think of Morocco or Tunisia – cinnamon and chilli, dried fruit and couscous – but because North Africa is so close to Sicily, their styles of cooking can be surprisingly similar. Enjoy!


Learn how to prepare your cauliflower with Jamie’s Food Team:


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