asparagus recipes - being chopped on chopping board

Asparagus is a real treat – and it’s only in season for a few weeks of the year.

If you can get hold of very fresh asparagus, all it needs is a quick dip in boiling water, followed by a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and black pepper. But it’s also delicious roasted, grilled, or cooked up in all manner of dishes. Check out our 5 favourite asparagus recipes below.

Cooked until silky, this technique comes from one of the nonnas Jamie met in Rome when filming for Jamie Cooks Italy. By frying, then adding a little liquid and reducing to a low temperature, you ensure the flavours really combine beautifully. This is a super-quick and super-rewarding asparagus recipe.

This asparagus soup is the perfect starter for a dinner party. The poached egg on top is a nice finishing touch but, if you’re nervous about having a go, watch Jamie’s guide to perfect poached eggs first.

This lovely summery salad just uses a few ingredients for a big payoff. It’s an amazing mix of texture and flavour, cooked and raw. Serve it up at your next barbecue and watch how fast it disappears!

This is a super-sophisticated asparagus recipe. There’s something so comforting about a good risotto, but the addition of crab and asparagus bring freshness. This is best enjoyed when crab and asparagus are both in season.

This isn’t really so much an asparagus recipe as a fantastic combo of ingredients. Just add some toasted sourdough for a really epic brunch.

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