healthy lunch recipes for kids - kebab and pitta with veg

It’s the school holidays! So why not have a bit of fun over lunch and get the kids involved in making their own meal?

Think about colourful combos of fresh veg, and hands-on dishes that the kids can assemble themselves at the table. Cooking together is a great way to keep everyone busy on a lazy (or rainy!) day, and get a little goodness into the kids’ diet as well. These are our five favourite lunch recipes for kids.

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So easy, so delicious and so fun to make! This colourful roast veg salad becomes a gorgeously messy burrito, layered with yoghurt, feta and nuts. The kids can really make them their own by adding their fave veg and toppings.


Lunches for kids don’t come tastier than this. Buddy and Petal give the perfect demo of how you can get kids involved in every aspect of this recipe. Make your dough, layer with (seven-veg) tomato sauce, then let the little ones choose their topping and… Hey presto! Best. Pizzas. Ever.


Ask the kids to help you mix and chop the herbs for your couscous, then let them slice their own chicken lollipops into individual sticks. It’s such a fun way to serve up a super-balanced lunch.


Using rosemary stalks as skewers is really cool – and a great idea if you’re cooking over a campfire. These genius homemade bread ‘bowls’ will soon become a favourite recipe for the holidays!


Lunches for kids can simple and easy to take on the go, too! Salad jars are brilliant for taking on a walk, or a day out to the beach. Get the kids to help you layer them up with their favourite combos, then ‘shake shake shake’ just before you want to eat them. Gorgeous.


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