lamb and chickpea curry on rice with herbs on top

Fragrant, filling and packed with flavour – sometimes only a curry will do! Here we’ve pulled together our favourite – and most nutritious – curry recipes for a brilliantly healthy dinner. Tuck in and enjoy!


Healthy curries don’t get more thrifty than this! A deliciously perfumed fish curry with fluffy rice and loads of veggies, this affordable, easy recipe makes frozen fish the real hero.

Don’t be fooled by its simple appearance, this vegetarian curry has a wonderfully authentic spice base. It’s a deep dish of beautiful, complex flavours.

Super-nutritious and totally delicious, this colourful curry is a guaranteed winner. It’s bursting with treats, such as mango, cashew nuts and coconut milk. Gorgeous!

We love these sweet and juicy king prawns. Plus, using a bit of coconut cream, rather than a lot of coconut milk, gives you the same creamy taste, without as much fat.

Translated as ‘double onions’, dark and savoury dopiaza is brilliant when made with venison. We’ve used neck fillet here, but diced shoulder is also great for slow-cooking.

With lentils, spinach and tinned tomatoes, this chicken curry is easy to make, mild and healthy. It’s an Oliver family favourite.

Using yoghurt instead of cream in this Nepalese chicken curry makes it fresher, healthier, cheaper and a lot tastier than your usual Friday night Indian takeaway.

This little banger is a great way to learn the basics of a really good curry. The slow-cooked lamb tastes fantastic served up with fluffy rice and flatbreads.