bacon sandwich with salad and slaw on the side

So the first day of the Ashes Series 2013 is well under way, (England’s Skipper is already out!) and what better way to celebrate this fantastic cricket rivalry between England and Australia than a traditional cricket tea.

You have to have a cup of tea with this, even though it’s 30 degrees outside and you are barely coping with the English heat, a cup of tea is essential.

So we have a sandwich, a drink and a cake from Jamie’s recipes to see you through this eight-week series. Sit back, put Test Match Special on the radio and let the loveliness of cricket wash over you. But remember England, always fear the underdog!

Enjoy this Wicked Chicken with Coleslaw Sarnie

Watch Jamie making Wonderful Welsh Cakes from Jamie’s Great Britain

Refresh yourself with this Gin and Elderflower Sherbert

Thwack – definitely a six!