AdEnough Consultation

These people and organisations have no vested interests other than the future health of children. You can have your say on junk food advertising by filling in this survey or emailing “Once you cut through all the spin from the advertising and food industry, it’s really simple, isn’t it? If we don’t find effective […]

AdEnough Consultation

The government have opened a ‘consultation’ (a big survey) to find out what we think. So let’s tell them! You can give them your opinion on junk food advertising by filling in their survey or emailing Last year thousands of you covered your eyes to say you’ve #AdEnough of junk food advertising to kids. […]

Chocolate cake recipe

This chocolate cake recipe is a hit with everyone, so whether you’re vegan, or gluten or dairy intolerant – or you just love a good cake – this chocolate cake recipe is for you. This spectacular chocolate cake recipe really raises the bar: it’s delicious, it has incredible texture, it looks absolutely amazing, and it’s […]

Easter recipes

These traditional Easter recipes are a celebration of fresh spring flavours and seasonal ingredients. Properly done old-school egg salads like this are out of this world. It’s a punchy combo of anchovy, chicory, and homemade salad cream – delicious! This simple, delicate poached salmon is served with some beautifully bold flavour bombs, from a tangy […]

Jamie Oliver roast chicken

The ultimate Jamie Oliver roast chicken recipe gives you juicy meat and crispy golden skin every time. It’s packed with fresh herby flavour, and the garlicky onion roasting base turns into an incredible gravy. JAMIE’S PERFECT ROAST CHICKEN Jamie explains: “Basically, what I do is carefully part the skin from the meat on the top […]

Veg power, Eat them to defeat them

VEG POWER! The Veg Power fund, supported by Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, was set up to help tackle the huge rise in diet-related illness across the UK by encouraging everyone in Britain to eat more veg. WATCH: HOW TO MAKE PERFECT ROASTED VEG The campaign is being funded by a unique alliance of the […]

The best egg recipes

With these failsafe egg recipes up your sleeve, you’ll be cooking eggs exactly how you like them, every time. The important thing to remember is to always aim to use super-fresh, organic or free-range eggs at room temperature. STEP-BY-STEP: PERFECT POACHED EGGS Before you start, make sure you use the freshest eggs possible. You can […]

Beef stew recipe

This month, we’re looking at preparing celery, and substituting alcohol in recipes. Once you’ve got these two skills under your belt, you can put them into practice with this beautiful beef stew recipe. HOW TO PREPARE CELERY Gennaro shows you how to prepare celery like a pro. It makes the perfect flavour foundation for the […]