a flat lay of foods with vitamin D in

Super-useful vitamin D helps us absorb calcium from the food we eat, which in turn maintains healthy bones and strong teeth. It’s also a really handy vitamin for keeping our muscles working properly – helping us balance, which is particularly important for older people.

We get the majority of our vitamin D from sunlight, when our skin is exposed to ultraviolet B rays. In spring and summer, get your vitamin D fix by exposing 10–20% of your body (arms, hands, face and neck) to the sun for about 10–15 minutes a day, being careful not to let your skin burn.

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During winter months, the sun’s reduced angle means we’re unable to make vitamin D from sunlight, so we need to top up our reserves via food.



Oily fish is rich in vitamin D. This Marinated and grilled salmon with sticky soy and citrus coating is utterly delicious – the perfect crowd-pleaser.


Vitamin D - eggs

Boiled, poached, fried or scrambled – eggs are a great source of vitamin D. Add a little smoked salmon to these magic Poached eggs and you’re really onto a winner.

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This store-cupboard staple is a really handy source of vitamin D. Rustle up a Tuna and cannellini bean dip and snack on it with crunchy chopped veg.


Vitamin D - mushrooms

Tasty mushrooms are high in vitamin D, and so versatile. Frazzle up in a veggie stir-fry, or go for a flavour-packed super noodle ramen. Wild mushrooms tend to be higher in vitamin D than the ones that are farmed inside.


Rich in many nutrients, sardines are high in omega 3 fatty acids as well as vitamin D. These lovely Harissa griddled sardines are a quick and easy supper, packed with flavour and full of health benefits.

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