Wonderful veg tagine - one of our vegan recipes for Veganuary

Looking for some gorgeous plant-based recipes to inspire you for the start of the year? These dishes are tasty, filling and packed full of the good stuff — get involved!

The idea of cooking vegan meals can be daunting when you’re not in the swing of it, but with a little inspiration we guarantee you’ll be rattling out beautiful plant-based meals in no time. From simple weeknight dinners to decadent Friday night feasts, our selection of delicious vegan recipes will keep your diet varied and your taste buds tingling. 

For more information on maintaining a vegan diet, read up on our special diets guidance page

A rich and hearty filling of mushrooms and sundried tomatoes, topped with gorgeous root-veg mash and zesty breadcrumbs. This super-comforting pie rivals the original meat recipe, especially as it’s super-easy and comparatively quick to put together.

This courgetti ‘spag bol’, from Amber Locke, has a lovely rich tomato sauce and you get a really great crunch from the walnuts. Ground cauliflower also makes a fun substitute for Parmesan. It’s a super-fresh, satisfying dish.

A fragrant, filling and hearty vegan chilli. The cannellini beans in Charlie Clapp’s recipe really soak up the beautiful flavours of paprika, cinnamon, coriander and cumin, and the roasted sweet potatoes add a bit of extra oomph.

This is a beautiful no-meat curry by Rebecca Rauter, with loads of different textures and delicious spicing. The chilli and garlic-fried spring greens are a mega side dish that take this hearty curry to the next level.

Soft steamed buns stuffed with Asian-style mushrooms and hoisin sauce – everyone will go mad for these whether they follow a vegan diet or not! Plus, they’re super-impressive and not too tricky to make.

These chickpea and sweetcorn burgers are packed with spices, herbs and a hit of lemon zest – they’re good for you and seriously satisfying. Serve them up with a fresh and crunchy green salad for the perfect balance.

With their gorgeous raspberry dip, these hot, crisp and sweet little vegan doughnuts are a fantastic naughty snack. The dairy-free batter is so simple to make and you can flavour the sugar coating with any spice you like.

Chocolate cake is a hit with everyone, so whether you’re vegan, gluten or dairy intolerant – or you just love a good cake – this recipe’s for you!

And if those aren’t enough, we’ve got plenty more to choose from:

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